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Finding Your Long Lost Musician - Description

Everyone is born with the innate ability to celebrate a creative life style. Music is one of the most natural ways to heal, honor and rejoice in our spirit through singing, dancing, chanting, drumming-all types of music-making and creative self-expression. Succeeding in music is not a matter of quantity or precise note-playing but rather the quality of one's presence or consciousness in the moments we participate with our personal music-making.

Finding Your Long Lost Musician is an inspirational program which provides tools for life-long musical exploration and appreciation.  Darling has spent the last 40 years developing methods that bring people face to face with their own wondrous and unique sounds and rhythms.  He creates a liberating environment in which each participant has the opportunity to discover and work with his or her musical abilities.

Transform your musical journey with a fresh approach to music with improvisation. Embrace quality and reject negative self image and thought processes that plague these modern times of competition and false sensationalism.

This “playshop” is for everyone from novice to professional.


  • To help people rediscover their natural abilities in music-at ease with their natural talents in music appreciation and performance.

  • To create an environment for celebrating our relationship with each other to help us feel more confident with our ability to create music either in a finite way or infinite way.

Learning Objectives:

  • Find and experience our voice in its most natural place for singing and chanting.

  • Find and experience our instrumental voice through discovering that the voice is the main key to successful instrumental performance and playing, and

  • Discovering why nervousness in performance and or performance anxiety is a good thing and how to work with this energy to help us be a more creative and successful musician and creative artist.



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