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Michael Jones and David Darling

1987 Narada


“Amber” is almost certainly Michael Jones's best CD; high praise indeed for a man who has consistently released top-notch works for 20 years. Here, he combines with cellist David Darling to create a beautiful CD from start to finish. Michael's delicacy of touch on the piano has to be heard to be believed.

All the tracks are a joy to listen to, but I think that tracks 1-5 are as perfect as can be. Gorgeous melodies, incredible playing and technique make this CD a must-have.

A classic of its kind. Very highly recommended.

— S. Cairns


  1. Rainfall
  2. Sunshine Canyon
  3. Indian Summer
  4. Wu Wei
  5. After the Sun
  6. Dreamlight
  7. Shadows of the Moon

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