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Ing Dar Grooves II - Electronic World and Ethnic

David Darling

2005 Blue Adagio Music


A play-along CD offering recorded structures, composed and performed by David Darling, for melodic and rhythmic improvisation.

  1. Miles Lives - D minor / major / chromatic / atonal sixteenth note fast jam
  2. Stomp It - Bb Blues, Free tonality
  3. African Djembe Groove - on 3 note melody (C#, B, A) and Whole Tone Scale (A, B, C#, D#, F, G, A, B, C#)
  4. Ingdar takes a Stroll in Ab
  5. Ingdar Moans the Groove in F
  6. Let Go!! Just do it! Work Out!
  7. Funky Flaba daba! Slap it! - Triads with 5th in the bass

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