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Open Window

The Adagio Ensemble:
David Darling, cello
Paul Butler, woodwinds, WX-7 wind synth
Sarah Swersey, flute
Terry Keevil, english horn, dudek, oboe
Robert Weinstein, guitars
John Marshall, drums
Sarah Tenney, marimba & vibraphone
Darius Kauffman, flutes, glass harmonica & whistles
Tommy Skarupa, bass, 8-string bass

2003 The Relaxation Company


Open Window is a compilation of works cellist David Darling has previously released on Musical Massage projects for the Relaxation Company. Eight of its tracks are edited selections (between five to seven minutes each) of pieces Darling composed for Balance and In Tune, reflective instrumentals that originally ran 15-plus minutes.

Featuring an assortment of guest instrumentalists (on oboe, English horn, clarinet, flutes, percussion and piano), the disc’s centerpiece is its overall texture, not simply Darling’s cello, yielding a sort of melancholy mellowness that can elicit introspective daydreaming. The opening three tracks, with understated rhythms and a slight Middle Eastern flavor, are the disc’s high points, as the softer focus of subsequent tracks drift progressively closer to dreamland.

— Terry Wood, Amazon.com editorial review

Sampler of Selected Tracks


  1. Memories of Children
  2. Journey to Dudek
  3. Lady Child's Dream
  4. Longing
  5. Bach's Persia
  6. Brazilian Sunset
  7. Little Miss Blue Eyes
  8. Irish Miles
  9. Clear Day
  10. Dream Pearls of Kathak

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