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River Notes

Barry Lopez and David Darling

2002 Wind Over The Earth



David Darling weaves his cello around the landscape of Barry Lopez's masterful reading of his highly-acclaimed book "River Notes."

From the book RIVER NOTES: THE DANCE OF HERONS. In these few stories about a rural river community, the threads that tie human life to the subtleties of a landscape — the prolonged arrival of dawn, the otherness of wild animals, the austere movement of a river — become clear.

Author Barry Lopez writes often about the relationship between the physical landscape and human culture, touching upon issues of intimacy, ethics and identity. He is the author of a number of highly-acclaimed books, including "Arctic Dreams" for which he received the National Book Award. His work appears regularly in Harper's, The Paris Review, and Outside Magazine.

Eight String Religion
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  1. Dawn
  2. Drought
  3. The Log Jam

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